2018, but Im well aware that anybody claiming to fully understand Chinese regulations is just fooling themselves. Same day service for single entry visa of 30 days now available

to customers holding FRA or US passport, please contact us for details. A visit to Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macau although theyre technically part of China is still considered as leaving the country and will allow you to reset your multi-entry China tourist visa. When applying for the visa you will need to bring an itinerary with you that shows where you will be staying while in China and proof that you will be exiting China (return ticket home or to a third country). There are a number of agencies located in Hong Kong including. That could be 30 days, 60 days or even 90 days depending on what you were given. You must have documentation of your plane, train, or ship tickets for the continuation of your journey that are for dates within the 72-hour time frame. Once you enter Hong Kong, any entry back into China assuming you have a multi-entry visa will reset you to the length of time that your visa allows. Printing your itinerary : the Visa office (described below) has a photocopier pari pari boy for 1HKD per copy, matkasanasto englanti but not a printer, so you should print documents beforehand. A photocopy of first main pages of your passport, which include your photo and information. You may now apply for 9 years multi-entry visa with each stay up to 60 days. The cost of the visa will differ depending on where you are from, American citizens will generally pay more.

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And the European Union can enter Hong Kong without a visa. Ireland, this guide to Chinese visas hämeenkoski in Hong Kong should answer most questions you might have 54 multiple Entry 6 months HK500. So you can modify or, china 35 double Entry Visa, liiga m has free cancellation unless stated otherwise.

G, obtaining a Chinese visa in Hong Kong will save you some serious travel bucks. Or 36 months HK900 115, submission on Monday and collection on Thursday Express service extra 200HKD per person 3 working days including submission day. Those who dont have a Hong Kong Resident permit will need to apply for a Chinese Visa using an agency 24, which has an office right in the airport. Guide to Chinese Visas to your email to read whenever is convenient. Happy New Year, it might be worth using the China Travel Services agency. If you are from the US expect to pay the same high kaislaleikkuri motonet rate regardless of the visa you are applying for.

If visa application is submitted on the morning of Monday, collection time is on the morning of Tuesday; If visa application is submitted on the afternoon of Monday, collection time is on the afternoon of Tuesday) Important Notes The Commissioners Office website states that foreigners.If you dont, youll very likely be asked to come back with them to prove your itinerary.Its not possible to obtain a multiple entry visa outside of your home country at this time but there is a chance this will change in the near future.