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Name : Quite a few in the level names in II, including Level 1 being named "Ahayweh Gate" (see Fun with Acronyms above). Colour-Coded for Your Convenience : Color-coded keys were used in the first two games to open a similarly color-coded door. There's an Advanced Lifter right behind you. "Get Back Here!" Boss : The first two games have an enemy robot that unloads a payload of high-damage missiles before teleporting away. Level 2 is named "Turnabout Bore" as a reference to its figure-8 design, Level 21 is named "N'neri Ring" and is almost all cylinders, and Level 20 (the second-to-last boss level) is " Gytowt Station." Puzzle Boss : The Alien Queen from Descent 3 Mercenary. The Mass Driver in Descent 3 is also fearsome, but is balanced with its low fire rate and low ammo count (20 to 30 rounds maximum depending on ship). Nanomachines : The Virus infecting the robots, as discussed in the third game. Interestingly, the Flare in all three games can also be used to this effect, especially in multiplayer, as it lingers on the target for many seconds after impact, all the while burning brightly and illuminating the object it struck. Space Fighter and navigates confined networks of mines on various planets, destroying hovering mining-robots-gone-mad and rescuing hostages for points along the way in your mission to destroy all the mines. When you start a new level and come across the exit almost immediately, a feeling of enormous dread is going to settle onto your shoulders like a cloak made out of lead.

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